Rob Lunny featured by ABC News Troubleshooters with Nydia Han

by | Jun 22, 2017

Rob Lunny, owner of Lunny Building Diagnostics was recently interviewed by Nydia Han in Buckingham Forest. Moisture penetration claims against Toll Brothers are increasing with more consumer awareness around these issues. Rob is viewed as an expert in the field of water management & exterior cladding systems and was contacted for this story. The story was aired on Channel 6 news at the end of May 2017. You can watch the interview here by clicking on the play icon.

As the number of claims filed against Builders increases we are seeing this as a water management issue, not a Stucco issue. Stucco systems do not appear to be the only cladding system affected. Water starts on the roof line & works its way down, hopefully away from our homes. Unfortunately what we are seeing is a lack of attention to detail & water management of all types of cladding systems. Knowledge is power, knowing how a home is performing today can save thousands of dollars in remediation costs. Rob performs detailed cladding system evaluations on residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

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