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Lunny Building Diagnostics is certified by EDI (Exterior Design Institute) and Moisture Free Warranty Corporation to provide visual & invasive Inspections for exterior cladding systems on residential & commercial buildings. We comprehensively evaluate these systems, including hard-coat stucco, stone, stone veneers, EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System), cement board siding and brick applications. A clear understanding of Water Management principles is required by contractors who install these cladding systems for them to protect internal components of a structure. Rob Lunny is a sought after moisture testing expert on the subject of Water Management & performance of exterior cladding systems. Lunny Building Diagnostics holds regular training seminars on the subject of Water Management & installation of these systems. Rob Lunny is an expert in water management & exterior cladding system evaluations. We are not home inspectors, we are experts in the field of exterior cladding system evaluations. Contact our office to schedule a seminar today.

Invasive Moisture Testing

Our inspections always begin with a visual evaluation of a property’s exterior components—but that will seldom suffice for determining the scope of potential moisture penetration & related issues. Invasive Moisture Testing allows us to measure the amount of moisture present within the substrate to locate areas of moisture penetration.  To do this, we drill 2 small holes into the stucco/brick/stone an inch apart and insert a Delmhorst Moisture Probe Meter to get an accurate reading of the moisture levels beneath. The holes are immediately filled with sealant and are virtually undetectable—causing no harm to the building.

Thermal Imaging Testing and moisture testing

Energy Audits

Thermal Imaging, or Infrared Thermography, is a useful tool for diagnosing issues in specific situations. By using an infrared camera, we’re able to study the temperature gradients of a home’s exterior. If moisture is present, it will show prominently on a thermographic evaluation. Thermal Imaging is especially effective in homes with EIFS cladding. A thermographic evaluation won’t reveal everything there is to know about the issue, but it does help us narrow down the deficient area and the scale of the problem.

Forensic Building Envelope Evaluations

Forensic Building Envelope Evaluations

Through expert analytical and investigative techniques, we are able to identify all components of a cladding system while providing photo documented evidence of installation deficiencies, areas of moisture penetration & building envelope failures. These failures can be caused by poor workmanship, design and product defects or products reaching the end of their life cycle and can result in water intrusion, structural damage, and other moisture penetration related issues.

User-Friendly Reports that Spare No Detail

Our exhaustive reports are available through personal login shortly after your completed inspection. In order for you to have the clearest possible understanding of an exterior cladding system’s condition, we precisely describe the findings and include labeled photos, spelling out exactly what repairs are needed. We do not perform any remediation or repair work—so there is no conflict of interest. We simply want you to have an accurate evaluation of a property so that you can get the job done right.

For your convenience, our reports include the cutting-edge Create Request List™(CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge. The CRL™ is designed for you to effortlessly itemize the findings from your report to present to any contractors that will be bidding on necessary repair work.

Lunny Building Diagnostics offers Independent Inspections & Expert Advice when it comes to understanding how your exterior cladding system is performing. After your inspection, we’re always available to take questions by email or phone call.

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