Kickout Diverter Flashing: Crucial to Stopping Water Intrusion

Sep 22, 2017

The importance of kickout (diverter flashing) is crucial for protecting your home from water intrusion. It’s the best practice for diverting roofline water away from your home. Without this flashing, you have allowed water a direct pathway into the interior wall, causing ‘hidden’ damage within the wall cavity. This could result in rotted wood and possible mold growth. The diverter itself, is an inexpensive product that can save you lots of money in repairs.

Missing or inadequate flashing and diverters is one of the home’s greatest reasons for leaks to occur. This flashing needs to be installed at every location where the eave overhang terminates into a vertical wall. We have found many homes that were built with this simple flashing was missing. We find this to be unacceptable.

Part of LUNNY BUILDING DIAGNOSTICS MOISTURE TESTING, is to make sure that your home has these key items installed! Schedule an appointment with us to find out the condition of your home!

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