Water intrusion inspector Rob Lunny

Water Intrusion Inspector

Rob Lunny, owner of Lunny Building Diagnostics, is an expert in the understanding Water Management principles and exterior cladding system evaluations. His accreditations include:

Involved in the construction industry since the early 1980’s, Rob began his career as a residential builder. From pouring a property’s foundation to nailing down the shingles, he took part in every phase of the construction process. Naturally, this included the installation of various styles of exterior cladding systems. Rob went on to enter the home inspection profession, starting his own company that he operated for 20 years, completing over 18,000 inspections.

Specialized Knowledge to Help You Protect Your Investment

For the better part of a decade, Rob has specialized in exterior cladding evaluations, more specifically, stucco and Water Management. His diverse knowledge of a home’s structure and integrated systems allows him to diagnose deficiencies in cladding material installation and determine if/how other components may be affected. Whether you’re buying a residential home or commercial building, selling, or staying—understanding how your exterior cladding system is functioning is important to protect the largest investment most of us ever make, moisture penetration is a problem that calls for remediation. As a water intrusion inspector, Lunny Building Diagnostics will thoroughly assess a property’s exterior to let you know exactly what needs to be done to correct any problems and protect your investment.

Jamie Dacanay

Jamie Dacanay joined Lunny Building Diagnostics in January of 2017 as the office manager and also works on marketing for the company. She has a BS in Graphic Design Communications from Philadelphia University.

Since working for Rob Lunny, Jamie has earned her EDI Level 1 Inspector certification, Moisture Free Warranty certification and has gone through HomeGauge training. She will continue seeking education on exterior cladding systems and moisture management to better assist clients.

Your safety is the most important factor for any environmental inspection service. Lunny Building Diagnostics is committed to providing detailed and accurate inspections so that your home is sound—and you and your family are safe.

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