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Thermal Imagingthermal imaging tool

Thermal Imaging, or Infrared Thermography, is a useful tool for diagnosing issues in specific situations. By using an infrared camera, we're able to study and map the temperature gradients of a home's exterior. If moisture is present, it will show prominently on a thermographic evaluation.
Thermal Imaging is especially effective in homes with EIFS cladding. A thermographic evaluation won't reveal everything there is to know about the issue, but it does help us narrow down the deficient area and the scale of the problem. In most cases, we will not use Thermal Imaging as our only tool. This can also be helpful in interior area like crawl spaces, basements and attics by locating missing or damaged insulation and determining moisture in the foundation of the structure.

Energy loss in your home can also be determined by the use of Thermal imaging. A broken seal in a window pane or a leak in a missing sealant will register on a thermal imaging camera. And where you have an opening, you have a potential entryway for water.

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