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Independent third-party inspections are in the best interest of ALL parties involved, including homeowners, building owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, code officials, and even applicators. The purpose of a home  inspection is to assure that the exterior cladding system is installed in compliance with manufacturers' recommended details and specifications. Additionally, it is imperative that all of the components of the structure that interface with the system be properly designed and installed to prevent moisture intrusion and the potential resulting damage.

Third-Party inspections are also required by international and local code in some circumstances as well as by many municipalities throughout the United States, through local ordinances and/or building codes. Additionally, many building owners engage our third-party inspection services for their own "peace of mind".

The process begins with a review of any and all related construction documents including drawings and specifications, this is key to a successful completion of the project. Document review is followed by a pre-application meeting, which may require the presence of some or all of the following individuals: The building owner, general contractor, a representative of the system manufacturer, as well as any other relevant sub-contractors to discuss the proper interface of the System with other construction components and materials on the project. It is necessary for Lunny Building Diagnostics to receive copies of all project plans and specifications for review prior to the pre-construction meeting.

As with repair monitoring, all site visits are randomly scheduled. This allows our inspectors to observe "real working" conditions. Each site visit is photo documented. Any "problems" observed at the time of inspection are documented and are expected to be corrected along with photo and written documentation of corrective action by the contractor prior to our next site visit. The frequency and fees for these site visits are determined by the scope of work to be performed. Additionally, every attempt is made to maintain an open line of communication with the repair contractor throughout the repair process. This helps to avoid redundant site visits.

At minimum, monitoring of new construction applications requires site visits at the following specific stages of the application:

  1. Inspection of substrate, appropriate flashing and installation of weather barrier.
  2. Observation of WRB application, this is the critical component that protects the building.
  3. Application of the reinforcing mesh and base coat, wire lath & scratch coat depending on the system being installed.
  4. Application of the finish coat.
  5. Joint preparation and installation of the sealants.

Inspectors will also note any additional observations believed to be relevant to the proper installation and performance of the System. Upon completion of the installation, Lunny Building Diagnostics will submit a "Final Letter of Completion" along with photo-documentation of our site visits.

The cost for 3rd Party Oversight is $425/hr. (This price is subject to change at the inspector's discretion)



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