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When a property is in need of remediation work we will help you understand what the contractor is proposing as a repair. So often, moisture reports are delivered without a clear understanding of what repairs are actually needed. Our reports spell out what repairs are needed and how they should be performed. When a contractor submits a Bid to repair a home, the way the repair is performed is key to future system performance. Lunny Building Diagnostics has a complete understanding of building science, water management and what is needed to ensure a long lasting repair. Often stucco repair costs can fluctuate drastically, some repairs do not go far enough to address the actual issue, and some go too far.
THE PROCESS: Let Lunny Building Diagnostics review these contractors' bids and provide an unbiased opinion for a better understanding. After you have accessed your report, we recommend that you send that report to remediation contractors (we are more than happy to supply you with a list) and wait for at least 3 bids for Rob to then review. Don't sign on with a stucco contractor, until Rob Lunny has reviewed their proposed bids. If you would like to hire Lunny Building Diagnostics for 3rd party oversight, then this step must be taken first.

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